Milano Marittima

Fashionable, elegant and decidedly green: this is Milano Marittima, the pearl of the Adriatic coast and an ideal resort.  
Its beaches are dotted with the most exclusive beach clubs, while the lush pine forest that forms a backdrop to the skyline of hotels that grew up at a stone's throw from the sea, provides the ideal spot for sports and relaxation and regenerates the air of the town; its streets are lined with elegant shops, trendy bars and the most exclusive nightclubs as well as restaurants to satisfy the most discerning palate. All this goes to make up Milano Marittima where guests meet up throughout the seasons to get a warm welcome and special treatment. Who can resist the pleasure of meeing over a cocktail on the way back from the beach or from shopping in the variety of bars that satisfy all tastes, from the lively, modern premises for the very young to a more elegant and quiter ambience for a select clientele, perhaps in the company of some of the many well-known names from the worlds of sport and entertainment who have holidayed in Milano Marittima over the years or bought homes here?